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Metro Chimney Flue Tile installation and repair

Flue tiles are embedded in the crown, and they are the furthest point at the top of your chimney. They are cast in either clay (shown in picture below) or pumice. The flue tile provides a few functions to a chimney. Not only do they provide an anchoring point for a chimney cap, but they also serve another very important purpose. Since fireplaces work on inversion, when a chimney has more than one flue in them (that are separated by 2 inches or less) that vent at the same height, the flue for the lower elevation fireplace (one that is located on the 1st floor or basement) will act as an air intake for the higher (2nd floor and higher) elevation fireplace. Since the smoke from the upstairs fireplace is nearby, that will get sucked down the flue of the lower fireplace. Placing a flue tile on one of the flues will stop this action from happening. They come in tan and darker red to match bricks.

Picture of a newly installed Flue Tile

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